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Sleeping Brain At Work-A Common than You Think.

Sleeping Brain

Have you ever been caught staring, zoning or blanking? or If someone asks you in a meeting or in the middle of a conversation that "Are you Listening?" You already experienced those situations. In fact, Mind absenteeism or zoning out is a very familiar problem. I think it is familiar enough that everyone may have experienced at some point in their lives. The most common reason for boredom is due to a monotonous simple or minimally maneuvered task, for example, driving alone, monitoring on screen without engaging. What we think of us as a free will is pretty much an illusion. How well we think and act in the real time is pretty much affected by surroundings and susceptible to outside influence more than we realize. We operate in autopilot most of the time. We are running in the direction of Artificial Intelligence reducing human involvement and challenging situations. The boredom sets in quickly when you maxed out learning, and there is nothing much to understand after. The brain becomes accustomed to the automatism, lack of surprises, redundant critical thinking and homonym work environment day in and day out in such a way that you can execute the required task even in sleep. Boredom can become a habit, and it becomes harder to break out of it, longer you stay stuck in discouraging and depressing task or job. Emotions are a culprit too. If we rule out the organic causes of zoning out, most frequently this situation presents with a strong emotional disturbance in otherwise healthy person. Overwhelming thoughts are so sturdy that it impedes current memory processing and attentiveness. Person drifts away from presence task to a preoccupied zone. The source of overwhelming thoughts can be anything. A focused and goal-oriented person often falls in this situation. When they are engaged with a task different than their goal, they easily drift away with continuous goal achieving thoughts. Usually, difficult situation, unusual family event, death or relationship conundrum takes over the presence of mind. The extent of a stressful situation is sometimes so extreme that person forgets surrounding environment and even starts to talk to self. How it Affects to All? For any reason, zoning out from presence can lead to decrease production at the expense of time if not catastrophic. People working with heavy machinery, driving or at height are precisely at the highest risk. Inability to focus at any level in health care can lead to severe adverse effects on patients. Frequent absent minded people get many criticisms, which can lead to reduced confidence and compromised success. So how to prevent Brain Sleep? Many employers are extending help and support to prevent boredom, stress or brain tiredness at the workplace to maximize outcome and boost employee health. Wake Your Brain up with Mind Fullness. Mindfulness is essential in this situation. A person should practice anything, for example, yoga, meditation, exercise works. At the same time, it is imperative to keep strict rules about taking work stress to home and vis a versa. Problem-solving skill plays a significant role in reducing stress and feeling of accomplishment. The Smell of satisfaction in life also brings the strong presence of mind and increase the ability to focus. Frequent But Brief Interruptions. Controlled and intermittent distractions are key. Bring a book to read while having long screen time as a job. Adding the elements of engagement with monotonous work reduces boredom and increases efficiencies. Reduce "Brain Fog" Most important is personal health and sleep in preventing brain fog, tiredness and eventually boredom. The surroundings affect with a great deal. Improvement in surroundings and own health improve focus and work productivity and help reducing burn out. So, next time if you have a dull, monotonous job, try carrying a book. It will help enhance performance and joy at work. P.S. If you enjoy reading this, Please Share.

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