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Six Steps to Self-Worth

Six Steps to Self Worth

“If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit.”

- Oprah Winfrey

Assertiveness does not always come naturally. Confidence is a state of mind in wellbeing. It is self-esteem and believes in your own ability, experience, and skills. There are no definitive ways to build confidence or confidence builts on your choice in life, and experience. It is built on opportunities and accomplishment, which create a loop that feeds your passion.

The loop of choices and accomplishments that feed the passion and makes you happy and give a sense of yourself and make you feel proud of who you are.

Hiding brush strokes:

Artist hides their steps that lead to the masterpiece. Their work and career present as shrouded in mystery and come out at once. It is imperative to hide the brushstrokes to maintain confidence in the time of struggle.

In the early stage of career and struggle, everyone is always battered and hurt. Constant rejection and judgments can lead to significant self-doubt and loss of confidence. You have to acquire the trait to filter out all critics.

Thrive on compliments, improve on significant critics, and just garbage the harsh words.

Gaining confidence and maintaining it in the time of struggle and the uphill battle is not easy in the career path.

I personally believe a few tips and tricks to survive and eventually thrive.

Remember, Rejections are Subjective.

Great idea and imagination are worthless until executed. When they reject the idea or initial work, it is their imagination and their judgment based on their scope of knowledge and understanding. There are many chances that even a smart person cannot get a simple idea.

Sometimes it is worthless to spend time to listen to the reason why they are rejecting. If you start modifying your idea and work on every suggestion, you may end up in an entirely different and often chaotic situation at the end. That is damaging and destructing.

Take It Easy.

Failure is so scary, It gives a feeling of doom. There can be many reasons a person fails, don’t blame others even though it is inevitable to avoid.

And in the worst case, people start making an enemy list and preoccupies themselves with revenge.

Remember “Living Well is the best revenge you can have”

So why don’t you work in that direction?

This thought boosts tremendous confidence. Don’t bring all the insecurities in the world come in your way.

If you keep dwindling down with the past, unhappy events, Just don’t go there, don’t do it, change your focus. Improving focus and getting away with the evil thoughts needs practice and patience to master it.

Once you do it for five minutes, next time try aiming for an hour.

Recognition and Respect are essential.

Start with self-recognition and self-respect. Create a list of recognition and success for yourself. Use that list as a reference in the mental downtime.

That list is a constant reminder of what you have done and what you are capable of doing. Do not hesitate to recognize self when the credit is due. This strategy helps to build confidence step by step.

Challenge yourself.

Get things done, If you don’t like to get out of the bed and go to work, just do it. Change your routine in a way to boost your mood the first in the morning.

Get out of the comfort zone and learn new skills. Resist the urge to judging others.

Focus on health, mindfulness, and overall well being.

Sense of wellbeing and overall confidence level go side by side by boosting memory retention and increasing attention span. Exercise improves all aspects of life. So stay active p.s. Please Share If you enjoy reading this.

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