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Dissent and Discord Can Lead to Success!

Look for a Devil's Advocate to Succeed!

Homogeneity at disadvantage

Are you starting up a new adventure?

You are looking for like minded people so that you can add extra fuel and energy to survive in the early stage of struggle?


It is all about matching and matchmaking. Corporate organizations are hiring people with like-minded thoughts. Frequently Homogeneity of thinking and behavior get preference over increment and growth. The dissents are at a disadvantage almost any typical organization or gathering of any size.

When the leaders drive the organization, and their ideologies drive selection processes, the institution itself can be a victim of group-thinking and resistant to new ideas.

These philosophies have arisen from group thinking form the basis of a political system of any kind.

The Churches, Temples, and Mosques operate on a similar type of convictions. These morals influence all latitudes of society and play a significant part in the demise or the growth of any startups.

Sometimes the birth of ideas is out of pure inventions or desire to evolve and change out of undesired rules — for example, the birth and the rise of the company Polaroid. The company did a groundbreaking invention of film based pictures. There are many other companies adopted that idea and created their market share.

And became a Victim of Group-Thinking!

The founder of Polaroid hired and surrounded himself with like-minded people who would do his bidding to run the company. Dissents were punished hard and marginalized, just like an ordinary workplace culture nowadays. The fear of reprimand or greed of growth or both makes us adopt boss' viewpoint, hobbies, and lifestyle; a typical behavior pattern at a workplace, in place of God and even in acquaintances.

It is helpful that the vision of like-minded people allows and inspire the growth, but after a certain period, it creates a plateau in the growth and idea generation.

The gathering of like-minded people generates a friendly comfort zone with small space to introduce radical and activist ideas. The circle of group-thinking creates a limitation of growth and hindsight to the reality and the growth of the outer world. You feel like being in the echo chamber, hearing your ideas over and over again in the agreement with one another.

Often, these credos are infested by myth, fake news, and alternative facts. In some workplaces, people adopt these ideas forcefully. So the perception of tenets depends on nature to the group, their point of view, and person introducing or imposing.

For example, people entering and imposing principles and idea think that their beliefs are helping to grow, missing out the whole point of different thinking and possibility of roadblocks ahead. Those who forcefully adopted their principles may overwhelmingly perceive the future barriers while missing outgrowth in real time.

How to rescue out of Group-Thinking / Brain Storming

Minority Perspective and Dissenting Opinions.

The person who opposes the majority can be the most important person. The Devil's Advocate in the room has the most diverse and activist ideas. The dissenting opinions are advantageous even though wrong. The psychologist finds that minority ideas stimulate divergent attention and thoughts.

Adopt Diverse Thinking.

The idea may not an out of the box idea, but it could be very diverse to the majority of the group. Allowing to present a different but original idea may lead to critical thinking and reexamination of present facts against a new concept. The culture of fearless expression of the innovative ideas may lead to constant innovation and diversification. The different, in turn, can generate an influential culture and prevent a cult, myths, and alternative facts.

The Origin of the Devil's Advocate.

The appointment of the devil's advocate dated back to 1587, Pope assigned promoter of faith to oppose canonization by critically evaluating the character of candidates and challenging claims of miracles. The leaders bring in someone to fight the majority.

Instead of bringing in someone to oppose, we can advocate the diverse ideas and the culture of disagreements. This way, we can unearth superior solutions and balanced decision making. Often the perception of dispute looks like cacophony from between agreement and disagreement and that particular situation provides an opportunity to understand both the sides and to balance by finding superior synchrony where the system works in harmony. It is essential to have a profound disagreement to find out the optimum.

Implying brain-writing rather than brainstorming is critical. The group-thinking reduces accountability and engagement among employees. When it comes to decision making, it is vital to spend a majority of time in the question-answer part and encouraging deliberation of an employee before even making any decision or finding a solution.

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