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Social media, Smart And Dumb Choice And The Chuck Norris Effect!

Reality Of the Social Media

Most of us can agree that social media is a means to kill time and vehicle for procrastination, although many of us hold to the adage of the usefulness of corporate media for staying in contact with friends and families. Since its inception, many stories have emerged stating social media has helped someone to find their long-lost loved ones. However, it is a significant gathering of people from all latitudes of the earth with a variety of purposes to no purpose at all. Any event in life can prompt someone to share on social media. I have a sparsely active Facebook account. Recently, though, I started exploring Facebook. I realized many of the people listed as "friends" are individuals I have never met face-to-face. I have not at any time come across those names, directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, they are my friends on Facebook, some as long as five years now! Fascinating! Many of them provide very valuable constructive criticism of the work I do. The more positive and bulk critics I get, the more time I spend on social media. Many unknown “friends” are turning into apparently a real friendship. I feel like I know them, even though I have never met them. This feeling of virtual closeness can lead to addiction to social media. Every time I check my phone, and there is at least one notification from many apps. My time spent on those apps is getting longer and more interactive. More interactions started erasing the line between my personal life event and public sharing. I am feeling like I am getting stuck in a vicious cycle of sharing info, getting more criticism and a virtual crowd gathering. It did not take a long time for me to understand how it's easy for anyone to drift away from important work, daily routine and quality family time by getting stuck in the swirls of social media. It is even more comfortable with atypical personality traits like awkward personalities and people with a feeling of social rejection and fear. Malicious intentions tend to prey on those who are vulnerable. I am trying hard to wean myself off social media by removing apps from the circle of my available devices. The feeling is weird. It's like experiencing a common hangover. I continue every day to struggle to ignore craving to check out social media. So here is my take on social media(s),

Addictive, Isolating The medicine has not officially labeled this addiction as a disease but the signs pointing to that direction. Use of social media can lead to addiction. It exhibits withdrawal effects. It can cause neglect of personal life, mental preoccupation, escapism, mood modifying experiences, tolerance and concealing the addictive behavior. Recent studies have noted that when you stop using social media, you undergo small physiological changes as well. It triggers more sadness and inferior well-being by comparing own life with someone online, for example, you can connect instantly with someone with the sense of fulfillment rather than a sense of well-being. The inability of keeping up with the trends of social media can lead to the perception of social isolation. Mentally Unhealthy, Jealousy, Bullying Many of us compare our lifestyle and behavior with the best behaved and well to do, and we continue the same comparison on social media and virtual world. This behavior is envy-inducing which eventually can lead to jealousy. If kids get entangle in this never-ending vicious cycle, that lead to bullying, depression and reduced morale. Fraud, Scam, Drugs, Hacking and Cheating, Crime There are many examples where innocent people get scammed, and it is hugely easier to execute crimes where there is no real face. Exponential information sharing can lead to hacking information and jeopardize financial and personal information and eventually theft. People have used the social media platform for false promises and deception. Similarly, couples and struggling with marriage, have cheated each other by showing the fake feelings and incorrect information. Power Of Communication, Connectivity, Education, Fighting Crime Social networking platforms may allow organizations to improve communication and productivity by disseminating information among different groups in a more efficient manner. The power of communication can change political parties; the word spreads faster through social media than the conventional way of connections there are no borders boundaries and limitations with the internet. Academia gets most of the benefits for the students and teachers. It is straightforward to educate others who are experts and professionals via the social media irrespective of distance or difference in time zones. You can follow anyone to learn from him/her and enhance your knowledge about any field. It is not so secret that governments and Security Agencies to spy and catch criminals to fight crime and often citizens for surveillance. They map psychological behavior to find them and even prevent next crime. Help, Awareness, Promotions In the midst of unknown, we can ask for help quickly, merely by asking questions. The connection with broader world creates awareness in the way we live, our health and day to day routine. It brings a significant change in a positive way. This medium is the prime medium nowadays for promoting a business, not only online but real business and awareness are created by online advertising, locally or globally. In conclusions, the benefits of social media are specific to a designated group of people who wants to advocate the noble purpose or business or who wants to execute misdemeanor. Social media is more harmful to an over-all general population who engage without purpose. My intentions are not to hate social media but getting on social media when you have some time to kill, or, worse, need an emotional lift, is very likely a bad idea. It is essential to UNPLUG and have some social-media free break in life. If you like this article, Please share and spread.

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