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A Bad Boy.....Drop 'em and Succeed.

A Bad Boy.....Drop 'em and Succeed

I always liked to win arguments and cross discussions. If I am at fault, I still have excuses to prove myself right. I was dreaming to live a victorious life in my twenties, and my success was always measured in money, wealth and leisure. I would spend hours to figure out what would I do with my imaginary wealth, where would I live and how I spend my vacation. "I'm often daydreaming, and it's because I've always liked the idea of there being something more than the ordinary world." -Samantha Shannon

That was exactly my story. I liked what was not there, I liked what considered affluent. I did not like hard work and efforts behind it. Although I was inevitable in making plans every time I had a spark of inspiration. Well, that was a spark, and never converted to fire. And even if it did convert to fire, I almost always got discouraged by the hard work and efforts behind it. Fear of failure was triumphing as larger than mountains. If I think its sure failure, I would not even initiate.

I never believed that failure is inevitable. I would just not work in that direction. Excuses- Slaughter 'em before express 'em Excuses after failure. (i.e., It wasn't me.....) and Reasons to start anything. (i.e., I could do it ...But...) Blame is a bug that destroys a team effectively. It is a vehicle to transfer incompetence and guilt on others.

The blame shift and finger pointing itself is self-demeaning. The person exhibiting excuses and blaming proves to the point of frustration and inability to rescue self. When you blame others, you inherently giving up the power of change and success. Taking responsibility and ownership of failure expresses accountability, opens a window of change and improvement.

I have known colleagues, friends, and acquaintances who would say I really have good idea and skills to execute but I am too busy to start, or buried in another project, or some emergency.

I believe them everyone gets busy.

But they miss the boat to clear up their mind, They lose to be proactive and continue hustling to be reactive. They miss the boat by years because they do not see a long-term vision through glasses of excuses. Bad Habits ( Literally) Learn to Breakup Learn to disconnect, interrupt or even break up any chain of habit which can slow down or divert from objectives.

Social media, digital connectivity, spending and even social life is equally an essential part of life and extremely helpful only when used appropriately. Continuous a nonproductive indulge in digital platforms, and excessive social life adds fuel to distractions and wavering goals.

There is always a tipping point, and one must know when to turn back before life falls in to twirl of decline. We are a social animal, and everyone needs friends. Find the balance that works for you for lasting relationship.

Try not to fall a victim of mismanaged social life, or overspending or recreational drugs or anything.

Acknowledge if you have a problem of bad habit and things will start to get better to a point to break that habit. If you don't acknowledge, eventually things become disorganized. Recognize the habit that is positively rewarding and activates the red light for other addictions.

Attach a more significant purpose of breaking away and focusing on a mission.

Disorganized Life Don't...

Take a moment and think to prioritize when overwhelmed in life. It is essential to write and define any challenge concerning necessity, importance, and urgency.

When you start writing and defining challenges on your terms, the life itself starts falling into place. Multitasking is more of a way to mess up more because it prevents full presence on one thing.

Just focus on One Thing At a Time With Full Presence.

Focus on Importance followed by Urgency.

Eyes are always on Goal.

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