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Two Solutions for Over-Rated Hard Work.

Two Solutions for Over-Rated Hard Work.

Some people enjoy hard work. It is a common consensus that to achieve something you have to work hard. Hard work is good, and people don't work are lazy. or No Pain, No Gain.

But who likes to work hard, at least I don't.

If I am alone at home and no compulsion for anything to do, I like to lie on the sofa with streaming one of the few favorite tv shows and keep junk food in my vicinity, so I don't have to put much of effort.

But that is an extreme of not working hard or In other words laziness.

In fact, productivity rises if four days is a work week instead of five, with more sleep, and after vacation.

There was a time that six days considered as a work week and people worked on Saturday too. People are stuck in the endless and fruitless monotony of "working life" and contend very religiously. I think instead of engaging in leisure and fun, breathing to work hard is a congenital anomaly of human existence.

The world is full of hard-working people, they push hard and never reach the target. In fact, sometimes working hard goes against the grain to reach the goal.

Life is meant to be joyful with a fulfilling experience.

You can have success and joy. You do not have to sacrifice gracious feeling daily.

So, what?

Develop the Passion;

Do not Follow the Passion.

The way we think about passion is very crucial. Passion brings a flow of idea and momentum. The vitality of passion pulls forward and provides an immense sense of responsibility to accomplish. It provides inherent energy to give enough thrust to make time fly by.

Frequently Passion is fixated on a goal, assumed immense motivation and overlooked roadblocks.

That is the reason, the advice " follow your Passion" is considered as ubiquitous advice to a certain extent. That may hold much of emotional value rather than happiness and sense of fulfillment and usually hit failure in the wake of obstructions.

Developing a passion is learning from scratch, and learning inherently comes with overcoming deadlocks in the process. For example, one is less likely to quit learning how to ride a bike than performing bike stunts.

Know When to Stop.

Passion and interest evolve over time, with aging, with a change in life situations. Significant and traumatic events can change the trajectory of the entire life.

Consider changing interests rather than working hard and being stubborn to achieve predetermined targets.

Prioritize health and happiness over passion in a particular situation and as needed basis. The fundamental of passion and hard work should be seen as broad as possible without a fixed mindset.

Hard work is essential to achieve a goal, but the most critical person in life is you. Often times, hard work becomes secondary to achieve the most effective personal goals.

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