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Do You Work For Pay-Check?

Do You Work For Pay-Check?

Who would like to work?

That is true, we are not intrinsically motivated to work, but we are positively inclined to follow a passion. The stimulation to follow passion does not come from money we get paid, but it arises from the joy. Frequently we follow our passion while rejecting cash and other incentives. Money is necessary motivation to work so as backbreaking, but often lots of people show up to work even if it is not paid. There are a lot of people enjoy volunteering. During the dark period of an economy, people showed up to work albeit they were not paid.

At the time, when I was broke with a grim financial situation, I expressed willingness to work in anything.

What was driving back then?

Money, of course!

But money was not my short-term goal.

I was trying to get stability in my routine so I can plan and follow my passion, my ideas.

So, if I look at the timeline of my life very carefully, my dreams were supporting me to cultivate.

Suppose, I were to work for money only, I was making a decent amount of money, and I would stop looking further.

I would have the gratification of my steady life, but I doubt the satisfaction and happiness would last longer when my life turns in to a dull interest less routine.

I can't even imagine my life in that situation.

I always ask myself WHY Do I work for a paycheck?

The answer to this question evolved radically in my head. I was living for a paycheck, but as I suggested before, it was my survival tactics. Once I survived through the worst time in my life, my passion started to flourish as stable lifestyle began to kick in.

I wanted to have a sense of accomplishment, a sense of fulfillment at home, and at work. I would love to work on my determined timings and not a nine to five job. I started looking for a purpose even in the workplace. Suddenly my life goals and happiness become the center of attention, displacing money. Money and the work do not define me anymore.

Although money is necessary, it is secondary, yet make sure you need to work for a paycheck in following situations.

When you are Broke.

When you are broke, it is imperative to get a shelter and healthy food so you can move on.

You want to depart from that situation as quickly as possible because longer you stay unemployed and destitute, mental health and physical health is at stake.

To build Self Confidence.

When you start engaging in the community, and at work lace, that environment helps fend off critical thoughts and pumps up confidence. It is possible that you start liking the job you got in desperate times, and you get better at it. That gives you the sense of fulfillment.

When you have Plans.

If you are committed to a mission rather than a paycheck. The purpose can be a job you love or a passion you want to follow. Until you get into a stronghold and get to the at least sizable milestone, continue working for a paycheck. That situation will prevent burnout due to financial stress. Eventually, project your passion and your job in opposite directions. Dedicate more time to passion and tapering off employment as you build confidence.

Joy Of Giving.

If you are considering donating your paycheck, If you are working for the right cause, keep working. It gives immense pleasure and satisfaction when you are helping someone in need.

The purpose makes a considerable difference in the way we see our work. The aspiration changes the definition of employment to happiness. It increases the likability of work.

If you are an employer, giving an employee a purpose will allow them to envision future. One of the managers from the last workplace was encouraging to continue education. I could see a different kind of energy in employee after every time they meet that particular manager.

Although that skill was scarce to hire, the manager continues encouraged people to move on with purpose.

Was plantation of aspiration worthwhile?

Of course yes.

Those who lived with mission quit early and moved on with purpose, but until they worked in the organization, they were an asset to that organization. Their quality of work was admired. They helped the organization to grow and make it better than those loyal employees who are working there for ages.

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