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Notion of Fear Helps (Sometimes!).

Counter-intuition of Fear.

The decision making is easy with complex problems, but it is equally hard with choices that required courage.

Very recently, I encounter a conundrum of my a significant decision making.

Should I continue working for an employer who pays me a decent salary or should I start an adventure of my own?

I have never been self-employed before, and I never considered my self to be able to work for any employer for my life. So I quit and started my own venture. It was the significant moment for me, but most around me never supported or expressed caution.

My confidence easily triumphed those warning, and I continued with my own decision with great faith.

Now, preoccupied with the idea and overwhelmed by the hard work I have to put forward, the bouts of emotions and fear is rocking the boat.

I exposed myself to real risks of failure.

I was happy and excited to start my own venture. I expressed extreme confidence in me before I started. Why am I fearful now?

I started analyzing my emotions and fear. How did this appear suddenly that was not present when I was in the process of decision making? I did precise calculations, and I imagined a failure before deciding. So, what changed from then and now?

There is a significant change. The sense of security vanished. The steady source of income disappeared.

Now I have to generate work for myself. I am equally responsible for paying those I employed. This is the entire emotional drama of insecurity of going against the grain.

But there is an upside of this fear. It keeps me on my toe. I continue exploring more avenues within my original idea. It, in fact, fueling growth and success. ( As long as I keep managing my emotions) I have to balance my own confidence and fear. So, I have to create a strategic optimism and be wary of defensive pessimism.

Strategic Optimism. Strategic optimism anticipates the best in the wake of fear. It works as a baseline or resistance and prevents from hopelessness by predicting the best. The confidence allows to raise a bar, and every event of success feeds my optimism. The assurance helps me to see possibilities and keeps preserved when others give up. It works as a shield from doubters. Defensive Pessimism. Defensive pessimism allows me to expect worse and to get ready for the worst. It fuels anxiety and makes me run for cover by making me work hard and applying hundred percent of my attention. Cynicism makes sure that I do not ignore any small thing that can go wrong. Once I have knowledge of every little thing can go wrong, it gives me the sense of relief that I will not crash and burn from ignorance of my hindsight. It works as a shield for inexperience and overconfidence.

It is critical to Ignore fear and stay upbeat in the goals, but at the same time, fear pushes to see potential problems and helps to prepare. Once you imagine the worst, you feel in more control. But to stay in power believe in self, focus on those people who believe in you and who inspired you.

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