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Think Out side The Box (Idea) of Conventional Success

The social well being frequently is measured by how successful and well to do in the society. The unit of mensuration of success may not be incorrect but to a certain extent. The most successful person may be failing in every step along the way.

Someone may fail on the larger or smaller scale, but failure during the life is inevitable. It's impossible to live without failing at some point in the experience unless you have survived so cautiously that you may not have been live to face a struggle.

This paradigm itself suggests you failed by default at the larger scale. The measurement of success is subjective. The person can sense the success throughout his life; others may not see it or perceive it and may even be judgmental and label it “looser’.

I have failed hard in my career. I spent more than five years in frantic search for the perfect door to open and advancement of the profession, exhausting all my savings and borrowed money from parents and relatives.

Eventually tired and lost, I turned myself into survival mode and started grabbing any opportunity available on my way. Today, looking back and evaluating myself with five to ten years younger me. The career, I was running after was not even for me.

I feel successful in a way I am right now, and I am pretty much sure; my previous acquaintances still feel pity for me because I failed in my career. I learned to measure success by learning, finishing or improving myself from the ideas I initiate. I am successful if I eliminate malicious and origin of pain. Failure gave me inner security. I learned a precious lesson; no school would have taught me.

Failure is teaching me about myself;

I am learning new capabilities;

I would have never explored in me.

My inner security is so robust that I have confidence in the size of mountains to do whatever I want to.

I attained the capability to identify the appropriate people in my life. The knowledge that I discovered out of it led me to emerge wiser and stronger. Every setback secures my ability to survive. I would have never learned the strength of relationship until we failed at once. This experience is a real gift. The winning of wisdom, yet painful, is worth more than an expensive credential available in the world. Power of NO. I learned to choose right. I learned to say NO. The path to discovering this simple word was not easy either. Saying NO is extremely important but very hard to tell. Human dimension filled with emotions and attachments is a considerable roadblock. Who are you trying to please? Live for self, not for a neighbor or a stranger in the mall or a person who does not even know you. Try to leave own dream. Do whatever! Work in the direction of your goal, your ultimate happiness. Move past old standards and societal criteria. Be a Disruptor, Not a Follower. The Trajectory Unfailingly Pointed to Success. The sum of loss and success is always pointed to success if a person keeps learning and improvises on every failure in a positive direction. Every failure is a brick to build sustained success. Time invariably turns; it is up to us how resilient and what are the skill set to change ourselves in the event of a decline. I would like to keep reminding myself that personal happiness and success lies in realizing that life is not a checklist of achievements, belongings, qualification on a resume, or how many people you meet. Life is complicated yet straightforward; Life is beyond your control yet entirely in your hand, Humility to see the ability to survive and succeed. Continuous exploration in any direction in the event of decay can lead to discovering many new opportunities and paths. The success is sweeter if the failure is harder to ignore. The great sense of satisfaction emerges from hard-earned success. 2 min 45 sec Reading time 5 min 18 sec Speaking time If you enjoy reading, Please share.

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