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Things My Mom Taught Me

Happy Mother's Day/ Things My Mom Taught Me

I usually do not miss my past. It is because, I want to live in the presence. I always want to inject full-throttle best efforts in the presence. I am enjoying my present time. Whatever happened was the past. I consider that mistakes were made in the past. I learned from them and moved on. I tried to correct mistakes, the best possible way and continuing to do so on a day to day basis. I understand very well that some mistakes are irreversible. Keeping that in my head, I put the finest effort in my presence to live up to the mark. At Least, I can say that I performed the optimum, in particular, time period. This is the attitude fueled by my mother every time I am struggling or approaching to failure.

Because of this attitude, I started having remote memory from my past, especially painful memories. I do not remember of a lot more people. At the same time, every year-around mother's day, my thoughts are filled with my mom’s memories. I am away from her more than 20 years now. I have crystal clear memory of her charming face, every advice she gave me. We often talk on the phone. That two minutes of talk collapses the distance of across the oceans and continents. Few words from her are comforting enough to forget all stress. The two minutes talk rejuvenates and prepares me for further adventure in my life.

She continuously encouraged me to find time for mind, body and soul out of busy life. I was very critical of those activities. As distance grew from my mom so as my struggles in life, slowly I realize that it is an important aspect in my life. Spending time for myself and strengthening my emotions takes me a long way in my life. When there was no shoulder to cry upon, my strength came rescue me.

Even Though, I did not spend much time in my life, and I do not have much of recall from the time I spent with my mom, She keeps coming to rescue me every time I am in distress in a way of learning I received from her. I am missing this gratefulness in my life. She tried her best to make my life tough enough to withstand any storm I will have to face. The way, I experience my life; I will miss her my entire span of living.

Happy Mother's Day

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