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Ambulatory EEG

  • What is an Ambulatory EEG?


Ambulatory EEG is a test of your brainwaves EEG. 

Unlike the routine EEG that typically is done in the office and only lasts 20-30 minutes, the ambulatory EEG is performed in the comfort of your own home and is run typically for one to several days. 


 Ambulatory EEG instructions ( For Day 1)

  • Washed and clean hair. 

  • No makeup. 

  • No coffee, tea or chocolates at least two hours before. 

  • Please keep the electronic device in silent mode. 

  • Relaxation and sleep are desired for the optimum result of the test, so, please do not bring 

  • young kids, if possible. 

  • If you are taking medications, continue all medicines as required. 


 Ambulatory EEG instructions (While at home)


  •   Please remain indoors, when possible, and stay out of the heat while wearing the ambulatory EEG. 

  • Continue to take all your prescribed medications, especially your seizure medications. Unless you have been instructed otherwise by your doctor.

  • Please note on the patient log sheet, each medication, and the time it was taken during the testing. 

  • Press the event button during or immediately after you experience any of the kind of symptoms. If you are running late in pressing the button, it is still better to press the button as soon as you can than not at all. 

  • Please fill out a log sheet for all events in question. On this sheet please include the date, and time of day of your symptoms and note if you pressed the button or pressed it late after the episode occurred. 

  • Bring back the log-Sheet with you on the second appointment.



  • Do not chew gum or suck on hard candy. 

  • Do not shower, swim, wash your hair or submerse the equipment in the water.

  • Please do not remove the head wrap while the test is running. This helps keep the electrodes in place. 

  • Avoid static electricity. 

  • Avoid activities that make you sweat. 

  • Avoid working on or being near any electronic device that is plugged in or charging. 

  • Avoid talking on or being near a phone that is being charged/plugged in. 

  • Avoid touching the electrodes, head wrap or unplugging the EEG electrodes from the recorder device. 

  • The equipment is very expensive! Please avoid banging the equipment, do not allow it to get wet or make any adjustments to the equipment parts.


After the test 

  • After the EEG electrodes are removed, the EEG technologist will clean each spot on the scalp where an electrode has been applied, with warm water. 

  • We advise you to wash your hair when you return home. 

  • The best way to clean your hair after the test is to apply a hair conditioner and comb your hair to remove any leftover debris. 

  • Once you have removed the debris you can then wash and recondition your hair. 

  • EEGs are generally quite safe, although in some individuals prolonged application of the electrodes can cause skin irritation and breakdown. Should this occur, keep the area clean and dry and apply Neosporin one to three times daily for two to three days. Let your doctor know if skin irritation doesn’t go away after several days. 

  • Video and EEG information is collected on a computer, which is then interpreted by a neurologist. 

  • The interpreting physician will compose a detailed report which will be sent to your physician. 

Printable Patient Diary


Instruction Sheet 

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