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Read This If You in Taking Proud in Your Job.

How Truthful Are You in Taking Proud in What You Do?

It has been more than ten years employed after graduating from University and spent more than five years doing the same job description.

One day I asked myself if I like my work?


My own response was very ambiguous. I am quick to acknowledge that it is getting tiresome.

I am a very ambitious person. I moved around flocking jobs and employer in three different countries and more than ten employers. Average stay with one employer is no more than two years.

Does this mean that I am conceited for what I do?

Career Stall?

When I started working the very first time, I was proud of myself. I negotiated my pay with a little higher than the average entry-level wage.

I worked hard and quick to learn the entire system and process of work very quickly.

I was held a hero way too many times. I was proud of myself working and living in a small town. It was a city where everyone knows each other, and they respected me well.

I was becoming too accustomed and comfortable in that workplace at very early in my career. It was the start of the stall in my career. There was built up of anxiety over the thought of quitting the job and moving forward.


The anxiety of quitting and fear to move on was my first strike to save myself from career and growth stagnation.

Although I was taking immense pride from the level of job, I was doing, it started giving me a snug environment, and I rejected myself from receiving cozy climate and stepped out of the comfort zone.

Now after ten years of that decision, I don't regret at all. In fact, I explored the world, developed a different yet better and superior thought process. I changed my lifestyle and how I see myself and the world in the right way.

Now I am proud of that achievement rather than boxing myself in the view of a cozy small rural town with an unnecessary extreme of inflated pride.

Rationalization And Caution in Claiming Pride in What You Do!

Taking pride in the job you do will make you happy and give a sense of satisfaction. The thought of pride and joy will make few to grow further in career and others to stagnate in comfort.

Some people can walk extra miles to claim their ego at work. If claiming pride comes with growth and a sense of satisfaction than it is worth it to work hard.

You do not want yourself get stuck in twirls of emotional comfort and load of overwork without any return to self but the most gain to your employer.

In any situation where you must work, even though you don't like it, or you are doing in what you are not proud of, one must keep an eye on the ball.

There are different ways of accomplishing what you want to do in your life by taking alternative paths. I was reading an article on Linked In, Kevin O’Leary wrote that he wanted to be a photographer, but on his father’s suggestion, he studied Finance. Now successful life in finance he is accomplishing his choice of being the photographer. An is one example of achieving pride and satisfaction in life. I consider pride at work when it performs a sense of achievement and growth.

I agree that not a single job is a small job, and you should be proud of that. There are many quotes, suggestions can boost your pride, but inherent liking to work achieved only when there is a beneficial reinforcement of some kind.

This positive reinforcement arrives in the form of career, financial or emotional( sense of satisfaction) gain. This in term boosts the attitude to do your work not only with attention to detail but also with the goal of mastering it, To strive to be the best of your work.

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