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Five Ways To Be Creative at Any Age.

Five Ways To Be Creative at Any Age.

​​When it is time for professional advice,

Is it a piece of useful information to seek a young with current knowledge?


An old with extensive and rough experience?

When it was time to choose a physician, we started window shopping for their reviews, years of experience and a few other things. Many suggestions are pointing to select either; towards experience doctors and new physician.

I had to put to the test the common belief that creativity and inventions flow from the fountain of youth.

This is an excellent example of a shift in attitude, behavior and a fundamentally different approach that each associated with a distinct pattern of discovery.

There are plenty of examples of innovators who peak early, and many who soar much later in the age.

We are at the height of creativity at some point in life.

It is the age that shifts out thought process and learning behavior and the way we become creative depends on our pattern of thinking.

The design of thinking shifts from spontaneous and conceptual to experimental and observation as aging.


This is a group of young, impulsive and independent thinkers who often do not care for society.

They theorize big idea and jump to execute without much fear or thinking of outcome. Traditional education tasting patterns, traditional parenting, advice-seeking behavior, low self-esteem are the limiting factors for young innovators.

If they learn to recognize a wide range of abilities, learn in ways that reflect them, they are looking for creativity and innovation at an early age.

If we train them primarily in a way that rewards how well they memorize, It is a well-set path for failure in life.

Conceptual thinkers are like a hammer. They have a tool of concept and doing things differently.

So if you Have ram of Conceptual thinking, everything in the world looks like a nail.

But they may become a captive of early achievement and may not be sustained creative as their exposure to spontaneous innovations and entrenched in conventional ways of approaching problems.


As one grows older, the experience and wisdom build up.

It creates the limitations of stereotypes like "it is not possible" situation.

It is crucial to keep a check on those stereotypes and build openness to ideas.

If you bring in knowledge and preserve the transparency of changing your thoughts, and it is possible to innovate with superiority.

This type of thinkers are more sustained, fewer risk takers and execute in the range of social acceptance. Their input is frequently considered as most valuable and higher-quality. Their thinking process is molded based on their extensive observations and trial and errors of their lifespan.

They have learned and evolved as they go along.

They were young innovators in the past, and the only thing is their setback helped them to act in a more and more socially stable manner.

So, How to balance and succeed at any age?


It is essential to sustain spontaneous creativity as well as accumulate expertise as we age. The key is switching between spontaneous concept and speculative execution.

Make fewer plans and start testing out different ideas, until you stumble upon something that is new.

Knowledge-Double edge sword.

It is understandable that knowledge is vital for innovation and creativity.

Majority of knowledgeable suffer from single-mindedness, narrow-thinking, and entrancement.

Identify Obstacles.

Every one encounter obstacles, it is essential that how early you identify?

How you behave while encountering barriers?

Most of all how creativity preserve?

In the end,

what is the takeaway from all struggle irrespective of your ability to conquer?

Enable intelligent risk-taking.

The risk-taking behavior not only based on benefits and drawbacks but also concerning timing and innovation. Sensible risk-taking and ideas eventually get admired and respected as a trendsetting.

Develop tolerance to Ambiguity.

Often being creative and innovative, one has to walk in a gray zone that could be pretty uncomfortable.

It is not always possible to have a warm reception along the way of innovation.

Believe in self and self-esteem fuels power during those phase along the direction of change and executing new ideas.

Innovation and creativity come at any age if you are determined!

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