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The Fault line of Moral in Faking for Success

The Fault line of Moral in Faking for Success

Is it deceptive to fake it and still make your way,


Not so much if you are a quick learner, intentions are right and work in the direction of growth?

It could be a way to success seems dubious and delusional when moral reasoning and achievement do not match.

I guess you must have heard of Theranos founder and identified herself as "Steve Jobs of Healthcare" Elizabeth Holmes.

She duped investors, customers and most importantly, many patients with false blood results.

She idealized Thomas Edison, who faked the invention of the light bulb long before he invented it.

The difference between those to faking for success is a thin moral lining.

Elizabeth duped herself in believing that she is in faking for a good cause.

Thomas Edison was never driven by a good cause connected to his process of the invention in his psyche.

If a person is allowed to cheat for a good cause, the behavior of deception increase significantly according to research in psychology.

There is human psychology tells that, you can fool yourself and others to succeed, finding love, and increasing your happiness.

The is a process of exploring new ways of thinking, learning and continuously rehearsing to set off a desired chain of events or to survive in the new environment. I am trying to justify that; it is Okay to fake if intentions are to survive, to learn and to thrive success.

So how to execute the situation (almost) flawlessly? Thinking that "I may not," itself is a limiting factor.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

― Sir Richard Branson There are scientific shreds of evidence that suggest, that our thoughts are capable of extending our cognitive and physical limits in crisis. If you present your limitation with an open mind and attitude of learning, you can thrive in the utterly unfamiliar environment. Even pretending to think that placebo is a real medication, you can start feeling the effect of an actual pill to some extent. The confidence is a key, and I can attitude helps in life. If you force yourself to smile, this process can bring happiness when you are sad. You can improve your test-taking ability by pretending to know all the answers. Open yourself to Adaptation. Start observing surrounding and stay focused on any changes in surroundings. Adapt fast if you need to. The process of an adaptation helped us survive. The determination of the revolution itself can innovate us, and we can deliberately choose a skill to improve our abilities. It is up to us to determine and to adopt a mindset that enhances creativity. Interject yourself "As If...." Behave as if you are a leader if you want a promotion. Behave as if you are happy if you want to stay jubilant. Behave as if you are in a relationship if you are planning for a family. It is important to know that change in your life starts with you. You must change for happiness, for a job, for growth and even for a relationship. So start behaving like you are already there. You have to earn your value to win a prize, and for that, you have to change. When you start with faking and you think can you do it? It has been challenging early period and equally critical task to balance between false confidence at the same time; you have to keep up with learning. For example, in the new workplace, the assessment starts with how much the person knows? If a person harbors vacuum to digest and absorb? If you do not have a sense of the reality of a new environment than faking is a doomed mission with humiliation. You should observe in the early days rather than asking smart questions and prove that you know. So what not to do to avoid humiliation? Resist your narcissism. Earn respect with hard work instead than being a point of attention. It is always a good idea to work under current than swimming on the surface and get caught. Avoid disruption in meetings, avoid being late don't be an attention point by out of the way attire or being "a new smelly" guy. Stop trying to look smarter and sound like "know everything" guy. Acquire detailed knowledge of the idea, what you are going to execute. Read books, ask questions. It is okay to look silly from items. Observe people who are expert and if possible, acquire a mentor. Don't pretend that you know everything and it is Okay to say "I don't know" Invest time and energy to be a real expert and shed your fake skin as fast as possible. Be honest.

It is essential to be a smart faker who knows own weakness rather than being a dumb guy who becomes a laughing stalk in a lunchroom. Use your skills of faking to grow yourself and not to deceit anyone else. Psychologist Angela Duckworth came up with equations, and I think faking is a skill if used with good intentions but you have to put in lots of efforts. Talent x Effort = Skill Skill x Effort = Achievement Faking till you make it approach can backfire if your intentions are changing during the process and lose self-control. If you start working in the direction of proving self-worth to someone and being unstoppable by ambitions and greed. P.S. if you like reading this, please share.

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