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Failure is Not Fatal, But Unable to Learn is.

Consider yourself lucky if you fail,

consider yourself smart if you learned and improved from that failure.

Consider your self a successful person

if you don't mind facing collapse and gaining over and over again.

In younger times when I was sleeping on an unkempt bed,

Running around for money and

Counting coins to figure out what type of food I can afford that week.

I felt looser spending time in a shared room watching TV,

Sending resume and waiting for replies.

Earning and Job was my measurement of success.

Now, I look back in that time and realize that I had tons of time to do anything.

I had autonomy and freedom in my life.

I had no responsibility to take any risk in my career. Instead,

I was prefixed to get a steady job.

Soon I got a job;

It did not take long to understand that I lost autonomy right away.

I had to be in control of my behavior.

I could not take radical steps to improve or to change anything in the workplace.

Then I felt like I was happy without a job than with.

Previously I was unsuccessful.

With the employment and steady income,

I was a looser and success yet to attain.

The only good thing was, I had saved a decent amount of money. All along, I was asking one question to my self. Do I enjoy the decent flow of money or Do I enjoy freedom and autonomy?

So I quit!

Now, here is a different way to justify.

In younger times,

I was crazy about cars,

Running blindly to make money,

No strategy what so ever,

And then continuous impulse of getting married in life and get settled.

It took time, but successfully achieved most of those goals.

I had less uncertainty and more predictability. I had the predictability of steady income. I had the security of a job.

Now what?

Suddenly, I lost the thrust that was driving me all along.

I started having mood swings and episodes of depressed mood.

I have to admit; it is kind of a midlife crisis in a small intensity.

All along, my winning strikes were actually projecting me towards losing the game of my life. Just after achieving predetermined goals, I missed the energy and vacuum created in my conscience.

I needed to reevaluate my life, my preferences. I needed a new goal. I needed a thrill of uncertainty. I needed to take away some security and comfort from my life.

I need to be prolific to sustain my entire life.

Yes, lots of people have used a word " crazy" for me. People think that I have not experienced pain in my life. That is not true either, and I am not going to explain the story of my life to everyone that how I struggled to eat one meal and slept in the car in a parking lot. In fact, pain is a part of my decision-making process. Just because of that pain and struggle, I quickly identified post success downturn in my life. In fact, that painful past is my savior.

Embrace pain, Learn and Try Not to Repeat mistakes.

Those who know me all along through that past struggle have different advice for me. "Don't you remember the struggle?" Well, I don't forget the pain. I leverage those to transform myself positively and compellingly. So am I happy? because I had a painful experience in my life. No, of course not, but lucky that I learned, I learned positivity and optimism. The pain has made me, more resilient, and stronger. My fundamentals for happiness is stronger than ever now.

After all, you need a painful stir, to bring elixir of a pleasant change.

“When you take risks

you learn that

there will be times

when you succeed and there will be times when you fail,


both are equally important.”

- Ellen DeGeneres

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