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4 Simple Ways to Find Friends.

4 Simple Ways to Find Friends

It was a comfortable life with friends and families at home.

Everyone knew each other, their likings and dislikes.

We used to have periodic get together and outings.

Everyone watched each other's back.

Then I moved to another city, with a better opportunity.

Money was good, but there was a problem.

Closest friends and family were more than 300 miles apart.

It was a new city, new culture, and new job.,

but no friends, no family.

Friendship, connections and cultural activities are essential for longevity and healthy living.

Meaningful conversations, affection and touch release oxytocin "bonding hormone."

It makes us feel good, soothes and makes us feel supported.

After all, we are a social animal and crave for connections.

No matter what I do, I could not stay alone.

At the same time, It was not that easy for me to open up to any random person.

I was a hundred and eighty-degree social change for me.

I went from a social butterfly and always and surrounded to lonely, locked in an apartment and pondering on my computer.

There were many supporting colleagues, but the difference in philosophy and common ground triggered subtle awkwardness.

That always associated with a fear of humiliation at the new workplace.

It is always hard to make new friends as an adult.

With strong beliefs and uniqueness of personality, it becomes hard to find friends.

Everyone's life shapes on personality with the enormous effect of age, gender, interaction in society and a role model.

Continuous influence of these factors affects how we choose friends, how we decide to live, what personality the mating partner has, and how we express emotions and affection.

Here are few tactics, I attempted and worked well!

Connect and Collaborate.

Look for similar minded people especially in the workplace.

Often it is impossible every time.

Try to identify and connect a colleague or a friend to accomplish a common goal.

There is always one person at the workplace who can connect easily.


Create a protocol for adequate and appropriate communication. This tactic helps to prevent missing out on common ground.

Do not afraid to ask a question and try not to assume. This process is a learning curve but possible to master ineffective and appropriate communication.

Take every advantage of being around other people who have the same hobbies and passions as you, so you’ll already have something to talk about.

Cultivate self.

Do not forget that your idea is an original idea.

Be self, Friendship is all about to be interested in the other person.

It is not about you, don't try to look like the coolest guy ever.

Create social hours and network timings.

Participate at a local event that interests you,

Join clubs like cooking, dancing, concerts, photography, hiking, or activism and volunteering.

Be Visible and continuum.

Join social apps.

Many connect people just based on common hobbies and common ground that can lead to meaningful conversation.

After establishing an initial connection, try to keep it going by inviting people out for a hike, dinner, coffee, or other shared experiences.

It is okay to feel vulnerable.

Try being honest and genuine.

Ask favor like bringing a coffee or occasionally bring them coffee.

People acknowledge honesty and vulnerability, and if they’re interested, they’ll take you up on it.

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