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Do Something & Keep It Going

Do Something & Keep It Going

I am always curious to hear Warren Buffett, and his wisdom, mostly on investing and success.

He realized that he would be prosperous and successful on his honeymoon traveling to Las Vegas. He saw smart and well-dressed people making “mathematically stupid” bets.

His passion for investing coupled with his ability to overcome all short-coming boost by persistence.

There is no overnight success, or There is a decade of dark and emotionally drained nights before an over-night success.

If you start any project you think it can be successful, and If you can keep it going past the first six months, you’re already in the top 25 percent on the population. If you can make it to a year, You are already in the top 5 percent. And make it to five years plus and you are the top 1%.

An important part is don’t focus too much on competition. Competition falls apart very quickly.

Guess what,

There is a beginning phase that is where there are maximum competition and traction. It is where you are less skillful, and the goal looks far-fetched.

This is the phase where new-comers and easy-success minded people make those “mathematically stupid” bets.

Human psyche always wants an easy out from any stressful situation. That is why quick success and gambling appeal so much. Be mindful of self capabilities.

Get an accurate understanding of the situation at hand, measure your strength and weakness. Make an effort and plan to overcome shortfalls along with the ways.

Accept your incapabilities in early on the project. Everyone starts from somewhere, and most are less experienced than others who are already in the game.

Stay well grounded and choose goals wisely and initially in the range of capacity so you can accomplish them.

The reward of small accomplishments take a long way and fuel the fire for future hardship.

Make sure that you suck at the project is because your shortfalls and incapabilities or you need time to overcome deficiencies.

Continuum of Evaluation and Learning.

Learning is a product of real-time feedback with decision making, projecting and visualizing outcomes, and improve the understanding of reality.

If you want to continue to improve and learn, be ridiculously honest with the self. Give correct feedback.

Be a skill-collector.

All along the path of growth and success, there may be many turn and twist. You need to be able to navigate if not successfully but at least to survive. Learning different skill sets serves a larger purpose in accomplishing the goal.

What others say and feel is neither secondary nor tertiary but Never Primary problem.

You should know your unique ways, there may be awkwardness in the early on, but as you execute more, you can be more successful. If you believe in enough, your awkward unique way can be a mainstream process.

Allow freedom to be you. That makes it easier for others to understand you and you can appreciate other uniqueness.

Take a break but Don’t Forget.

Bumps and jumps are inevitable all along the way. You just have to deal with it. Sometimes it drains you physically and emotionally.

Although persistence pays off, it is a good idea to go for a break away from the project for a little while. Breaking away with the project with some fun and leisure for a few days but at the same time passively ruminating about the project sometime gets the best result.

If you keep pushing limits in the wake of tiredness and frustrations of roadblocks, you will go burnout.

Often times, ideas are easy to execute when it is not your idea.

It becomes hard and drains lots of energy when you have an idea or project, and you believe in it.

It is not easy to survive and maintain the same tempo all along as we have similar enthusiasm at the start.

Proper agenda will get you through it successfully.

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