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Three Things (All) About Stress

All About Stress Three Things About Stress

Find me a single person who was not in a stressful situation at least once in their lifetime.

The feeling presented during stress varies from personalities.

Most feel overwhelmed, and a sense of tiredness with various manifestation like headache, visual symptoms but the bigger picture is it can reduce long term health prospect.

Few can work the best while in the stress like the navy seal are trained to work at best in stressful situations like warfare. After all, it takes an enormous toll on their health and personal life.

If you think carefully, it was not long before you felt stressful situation last time, if you are not stressed out right now.

We are leaving in the fast-moving world and ever-changing environment. Anything goes out of the comfort zone can lead to a stressful situation.

While few can handle and perform the best in a painful situation, most of us can not.

We do not have ways, time and resources to cope with stress in real time.

The psychology of stress is fascinating. It is beneficial and much productive in a moderate amount and intermittently. Productivity and creativity can increase profoundly after a patch of relaxed behavior and vacation from routine.

Nowadays there is a massive wave of advocacy for four days a work week and flexibility of work hours.

No one can be as productive as in a typical predetermined eight hours of work.

Employers in big tech companies want you to find your most productive hour in a day and work during that particular time.

The bottom line is to alleviate the stress and move on successfully. No one harbors on-off switch for stress. It is equally unpredictive. What we can do is to control the intensity of stress on our daily life and possibly alleviate the adverse effects.

There are millions of easy ways to alleviate stress, and each could work differently for different people. One can personalize the ways to relax.

There are three critical fundamentals to relive away from stress and possibly deal with it.

Deal With Environment.

Relaxed work environment and working in pajamas without distraction and most importantly total control of what you do could be a dream job. And it could be a real thing and not a dream at all.

The companies are promoting napping pods in the middle of the day and green work environment. They also encouraged to work from home at ease and at the comfort.

Most importantly, If you find a situation stressful leave space at least for momentarily. If stressful thoughts roaming around your head quickly leaving the physical space renews new thought process and possibly less stressful or delightful.

The brief and brisk walk in green space is the most relieving for me.

Use the method of "Pattern Interrupt." Instead of continuing working on stressful situations, take a break.

Revisit the situation with a fresh mind at a later time.

Deal with Self.

This is mostly about the self-realization of stress and advocating a healthy lifestyle. Continue making a checklist of happy and stressful thoughts. Classify those thoughts into those you can control and those you can't.

Out of control situations trigger stress and physiological reaction leading to adversary hormone release. In the long run, it can take down focus, confidence and overall well being.

Learn to perform control breathing. Take well controlled deep breath in and out. Meditate.

Schedule frequent breaks for energy to focus. If we have an intense concentration for 90 minutes than we need a brief period of cooling down to gather energy and rejuvenate for the rest of the day

Eating well and enough sleep shield from stress and provides a superior response.

Identify and eliminate the stress imposed by yourself including loss of self-confidence and seeking others' approval.


Take quick decisions on moving away from stress. Frequently, payback seems very lucrative in the short-run but walking away from stress wins in the long run.

You have to decide that what is your part in any situation, what are priorities in your life, at the workplace. Create personal goal, strength, and priorities and revolve the world around you.

There is more than 50 000 thoughts race through the brain, and you need to decide fast that what thought required to hold back and lots of things to let go rather than building up internal stress.

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