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Three Ways of Successful Dis-Agreement

Three Ways of Successful Dis-Agreement

Have you ever noticed that life runs through disagreements? A typical entire day is full of disagreements, Disagreement over lunch, dinner, a color of a sofa, Disputes with a colleague over coffee break and You disagree with strangers or news media while chilling in a bar.

Disagreement over mere situations can doom great projects and contracts unless the art of dispute resolution and constructive talk is in place.

We express our disagreements in news media rants, street and campus protests that are increasingly violent;

and personal conversations that are increasingly escalating.

We should treat our differences of opinion with proper respect to listen and understand, and allow them to question and disagree; without proposition and objection. We should be willing to listen and respect unpopular ideas and cultivate the habits of an open mind.

When someone disagrees with an opinion, we are wired in a way that you perceive challenge as an attack and flow of emotions and anger sets.

An intelligent and most logical individual sometimes fails to prevent the flow of emotions and explain behavior.

Disagreement merely is two different beliefs, and one has to be wrong.

But antagonism on any subject is always attached with power struggle ego and ignorance to the indwelling presence of the blind spot in the information and knowledge.

Every great idea is a disagreement of another opinion.

Misunderstanding is seldom a cause of disagreement; instead, people disagree based on perfect comprehension.

An act of disagreement is a constructive process if executed skillfully can lead to success and growth; otherwise, the discussion could entangle in the dark corners of ego and neverending blindspots and judgments.

So How to process disagreement without bringing ego and emotions on the way?

Stay Back, Listen.

You have to discern well, Read over and over again, Watch closely, Ask for third person advice.

Don't just jump off the boat and start counter-arguments. Give proper respect and benefit of a doubt.

Who knows the counter-arguments can influence you.

Read every line of reasoning and read in between lines.

Educate, update yourself and See the world by their eyes.

There are every chances of you missing or misinterpreting some information.

Find out the most significant barrier that prevents you from seeing the gravity of the situation objectively.

Adjust the behavior accordingly to make yourself more effective and better at interacting with others.

Make ongoing efforts to acquire more in-depth insight into the situation in the middle of a disagreement.

Understand well that every situation and solutions are an ever-changing system. The best solution for one time is not the best at the other time for the same situation.

Advance with Open-Mindedness.

Start worrying about the things you may not know rather than proving your point by restricting yourself about what you know.

You must eye toward the goal and not towards proving a point that you know everything. People who are making the best decisions are rarely confident that their approach will work.

Be receptive to the others' perspective and their point of view and if you don't believe in instead of being defensive seek their point of view before delivering your own.

After all, we disagree on any situation because we are looking for the best answers and not the one which fits our perception.

So, be reasonable at every point in discussion and disagreement and reject unreasonable ideas.

The typical path out of disagreement is very tedious and time-consuming but if you stay calm, maintain composure and be respectful, it could be the time well spent.

So it is always a good idea to surround yourself with those who care to disagree with you rather than all yes you are right kind of opportunistic people.

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