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Be Nobody (at least for a while)To Be Somebody.

Be Nobody (at least for a while)To Be Somebody.

If you are dreaming of being successful, have unlimited money, great relationship or infinite happiness, Guess what? You are not alone.

You are one of more than six billions human being who crave for the same. Your desire isn't unique.

The desire of "special-ness" is precisely the opposite of being unique.

We all feel that we are the center of attention at some point in life. Surrounded by a sense of entitlement, sense of success, wealth, well-being and happiness. Being famous is incredible, we love affirmation. It is ego boosting, and we enjoy it. The interaction with the world and many other factors create perceptions and frequently illusions from reality.

We imitate the great leaders or strong personalities, and we start to behave like.

We tend to think and feel in a way to how our senses absorb information and how this information blends with our personal circumstances. The subjective perception provides the illusion of self-importance. If you just listened to an inspirational speech, you feel motivated so as most of the audience in the hall around you. However, we forget that this notion only exists in our minds and that everyone near us is walking around under precisely the same psychological mindset. The human upbringing and culture are structured in a way to think that we’re special,

and we like believing it.

In fact, precisely the opposite is distinguishing between perception and reality is crucial to living a meaningful and vital life.

Barack Obama remained mostly inconspicuous worked at buskin-Robbins as a teen to state senator of Illinois until he successfully ran for the president of The USA. Now imagine, if you throw a rock in calm water, it creates swirls of turbulence around the disturbance created by the rock before dying down in the distance and again allowing laminar flow which seems like a quite water.

The interference of ego boosting and need for affirmation is self sustain and inflame in humans. It creates feedback loops of biases and chastening behavior, exactly opposite of swirls of turbulence in water.

EGO does not die down self but accentuates with time.

In the quest of being somebody, we spend time and resources on unnecessary and flounder at the first step of hardship. Someday, some event or failure make us realize that we lived someone's life all along! Being NOBODY is The Original. Being nobody allows us to appreciate the abstract, precisely in a way we admire the might of nature. Being nobody will help you to recognize your own strength, unique gift and challenge conventional wisdom. Being nobody significantly undermines the ego-driven fears like fear of failure, and fear of getting insulted, and insecurity, and displays the high strength of confrontation with tradition. Being Nobody frees us from aberrant expectations. Keeping no expectation from self and society will have the same little or no expectations. No one will care what you say or do. That disguise provides the best cover to come up something original without much of hurdles and much of validations. The relationship, interactions and flow of life are guided by hierarchy and titles. These lead to unspoken but reciprocal expectations in society. Things could go fundamentally fragile when you try to connect those labels and rankings with the original self. Being NOBODY means watching growth tree right side up. The bubble of the inflated sense of importance could burst at any point can lead to a realization of the cold, hard reality. Your net worth may not matter, and the fall could be much steeper.

Being NOBODY allows us to see and perceive the difference that indeed exists between reality and subjective perception.

It takes humility and requires to acknowledge that you’re just like everybody else that wants a great job, a wonderful relationship, and consistent happiness.

Your desires aren’t unique.

The acceptance of failure becomes comfortable than ever.

To be a common man you need to let go the EGO of being somebody.

Freeing from the need to be someone "special" take you to the journey of indescribable peace and contentment, free from any need for outside validation or striving. No longer having to live up to the world's expectations. It is the ability to evolve yourself and your ego.

The biggest ego trip of all is trying to get rid of your ego."

-- Alan Watts, Zen Guide

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