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Three Ways to Stay On Course; At least in Life!

Three Ways to Stay On Course; At least in Life!

Ignorance of 2 microns in mirror size of Hubble telescope cost $1.5 billion for a trip to space to repair it.

The ( real ) story goes like this.

The Hubble Space Telescope launched into orbit in 1990 and started sending fuzzy, and lower quality than expected. It turns out the telescope’s primary mirror was too flat by just 2 microns—causing light reflection error. In 1993, a repair crew took a shuttle flight up to install eyeglasses for Hubble’s unfocused gaze.

There are many examples.

If an airplane veers off only 2 degrees off the course, it will end up more than 25 miles away from the destination.

The point is,

If small things not corrected at the right time and right spot, it will always become more significant enough to veer off the goal and achievement.

There are three critical questions continuously needed to ask periodically.

What Do You want with Life? How to Get there? How Do You know that You are on the right track?

After all, no one cares for your life and success than you. There are ways to keep clutters out, stay focused and keep frequent checks on the path.

1) Create, Regulate and Coordinate

De-clutter everything. Remove distractions from everything, from the environment, clean your car, organize living space.

The human brain is designed to survive, and when someone is in survival mode, there are priorities.

The problem starts when one priority mixed with another one. When someone has to focus on something else like financial trouble or relationship distractions, they veered off the primary goal, and often abandon them.

It is always a good idea to have a financial plan before working on a life goal; get out of the toxic relationship and strengthen the supportive relationship.

Meditate, Pray, Exercise and Love to change an environment swiftly. These tactics flush the brain with fresh blood and removing random depressive and disturbing thoughts.

Feed your brain with positive and encouraging thoughts. Read success stories and motivational books. Surround yourself with passionate and go-getters and not with mallow.

2) Measure.

Measure and track your goals. If you can not benchmark and set criteria, that goal is inappropriate, don't do it.

Be conscientious with your goals.

Accept any outcome.

It is well-established psychology that if behavior tracked and evaluated frequently and periodically, it improves fast and outcome projected towards success.

3) Invest in the future.

It is an extremely common human instinct to go for momentary fulfillment. To forego for momentary gratification is itself an investment in the future.

Sometimes baby steps towards a goal is also an investment in the future by not creating clutter on a later date.

You may either procrastinate and end it all or Procrastinate now, don't put it off.

It is all up to you how you want to go.

It is always challenging to stay on course in the adventure of achievement and goal settings.

It is like anyone can stay up late partying or watching movies, but when it is forced to stay up late, it turns out a hard task.

It is crucial for us to make sure we get there we set off.

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