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4 Ways to Stop Being Cemented in Overthinking.

4 Ways to Stop Being Cemented in Overthinking.

Some personalities are almost always cemented in over thinking in every aspect of decision making, either small or significant, they can not come to a conclusion.

Everyone struck by conundrum and overthinking when it comes to significant situations like an interview, or over a critical email.

It is bedtime and flipping and turning and every attempt to stop brain overthinking fails.

You check every last email, every conversation, and every dimension of the situation over and over again.

It is a disturbing experience.

Tormented with a constant bombardment of thoughts. Long term overthinkers restate conversations they had yesterday, second-guess every decision they make, and conceptualize disastrous outcomes all day every day.

If not handled properly it can desolate and prevents from anything getting done.

The process of overthinking makes judgments cloudy. Elevated stress level. It becomes virtually impossible to act on mere judgment because of the built up of a wall of negativity.

Here are four ways to fend off overthinking.


The most common problem is people fail to identify that they are over thinking. They attribute overthinking to the added stress of the situation. The reality is overthinking creates the stressful situation by preventing to imagine a clear picture.

Instead, ruminating over and over generates a curtain of negativity.

Identifying overthinking is the very first step towards improvement. The process of self-doubt is an indicator of overthinking.

Step back.

Just stop right there whatever you are doing anytime you find yourself doubting self, built up of stress, or increasing confusion.

People try different strategies like change channel, rolling shoulders, exercise, doodling, play games, outings, a glass of wine, listening to songs and loud music. You can try anything that works and distracts away temporarily.

Thinking is only helpful when it is productive. Overthinking itself is counterproductive.

Stay Focused in the right direction.

Think about what can go right rather than what can go wrong. It is entirely useless to dwell on negativity. Challenge those negative thoughts.

Put things in the perspective and try to find possible solutions.

The built up of Fear and emotions prevent to see the situation objectively. Practice mindfulness. Schedule "self-reflection time" to worry, ruminate and reevaluate crucial decisions. Once time is up, move on to something else.

Accept reality.

Understand that no one can predict the future and one has to face the consequences. It is always worth it to spend time putting the best efforts rather than wasting it for thinking about future outcomes.

Train the brain to put an effort towards the best shots and accept the outcome at your best. Consider some part of the success is not under your control.

No one can escape overthinking, but it is worthwhile to understand and develop proper rules to deal with it.

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