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3 Things of Asking a Question

Asking Questions ≠ Smart Person

We do not have deficits of much advice, knowledge and different perspectives along life.

There is much advice helps to nudge further into a success; others are mere suggestions in general. It is up to us to choose what help and direction are the best suitable for a career path.

Along the road, I usually get a standard recommendation that asking questions makes you look smarter.

Or Is It?

I find it a reasonable to some extent.

It is crucial to format and ask an appropriate question 


the intentions of presenting self as a “smart” person go southwards.

Often I feel like why do I have to ask a question. Some information is so elaborate and comprehensible;

That asking question makes me feel like, Am I stupid?

The information is already conveyed to me 


asking a question about the same is nothing more than annoying a person.

At the same time, some information is so intriguing 

that create confusion or pump curiosity. So one should not refrain to ask questions.

It is imperative to coordinate the context, timing, 


intentions of the question to receive maximum effect and 

information out of the question.

When is it unimportant to ask a question?

Recently, I was in an educational class where the presenter did an outstanding job preparing PowerPoint where every slide created with a tentative question, and she explained every aspect of the situation we were being trained.

She made that education so easy for the complicated situation at hand. She also went on to repeat essential and highlighted topics. She asked at the end of the presentation of anyone have a question.Few people started asking a question.

There was a guy who asked all the questions, she explained during her presentation. It seemed like he had to ask, either the quality of subjects did not matter, or he did not focus the entire time.This kind of behavior becomes an annoyance to the entire group and the presenter.

At some point, people attending that presentation may have made some sort of judgment about that person who is asking an irrelevant question.If this was to be any part through the selection process, he already disqualified himself.

When it is enormously simple to understand than its unnecessary to ask a question unless it really needs to. It's crucial to focus on contents rather than to focus on finding queries, just because “ asking questions makes one look smarter."It doesn't matter how many questions you ask if you just dismiss the answers. If you can talk and talk and talk, and it won't make you neater. Nevertheless, if you just listen, you don't have to say a single word to get smarter.

Bottom line is, do not annoy by asking questions and importantly, ask relevant questions.

When is it essential to ask a question?

A well formatted, and appropriately asked question can elevate the personal image, reinforce personal and cognitive presence. The constructive question can lead to a discussion in the additional and necessary dimension. It can point out missing views from the presenter's point of view.

All these cumulatively can point out the level of intelligence.Asking doesn't always make you nearly as elegant as listening does instead of a smart question generates more insights about the person to be questioned and, by the same way, to the person who is asking.

One should remember that the identical question asked to one person, doesn’t necessary will cause the similar kind and level of insight in than to another person.An excellent and smart questioner understands interlocutor moment and situation and knows when the right time for a particular question arises.

Once well formatted and clear question presented, the questioner reads the counter person’s reaction and anyone who is trying to figure out if the problem.

When is it imperative to ask a foolish question?

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question 


a fool can learn from a wise answer.”  

- Bruce Lee

In fact, a smart person would never label a question as a stupid at the first place. That person would ask a question because he is fluid in acquiring knowledge and not looking for confirmation out of real perspective. 

When one is open to accept any and multiple perspectives and trying to integrate into the bigger picture, that is where missing pieces come out as possible stupid questions.

So asking question is not a mere curiosity when the career path is involved. Asking question open up a new dimension of growth and recognition only if it is made really smart.

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