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Owe Snap! New Manager, Again!

Owe Snap! New Manager, Again!

"If you ever catch a great boss,

it's just such a rare thing,


it's amazing."

-James L. Brooks

Who likes the boss? Although they are the best one, We just hate them.

The boss and employee sit in a cross chair at some point in the employment.

Some good bosses and mentors treat employees as the human being and listen. A good boss removes roadblocks for employees and stays transparent.

So the right experiences and quality of a boss creates a cozy environment and want any employee to stay longer.

And then a new boss arrives.

The entire time, the comfort level is back to square one, The navigated merit success rolls back to square one. And handling a new boss means new ambiguity.

At the same time, this is an excellent opportunity to lift up workplace image, It is another chance to work on missed boats with the previous manager. It is a primarily second chance with the boost from failed opportunity from the first time.

After all handling, a new boss is equally crucial as managing down, especially for a goal oriented, rookie or newbie.

Here are few tips to welcome and to execute the new boss the way we want.

No Prejudice

Keep an open mind. Every leader has own way and modus operandi at the same time the new boss has the same anxiety for the new job.

Do not judge anything from the first few meetings, the relationship always built on a series of meetings and conversations.

The way an employee needs to develop a new relationship, they need to work with employees too.

It is always a bilateral trade.

Establish expectations

Establish a relationship based on your best resources.

The employee must decide that how much information needed to disclose and how much the boss needs to get involved with employees' personal goals. Set up distinguished boundaries early on rather than complicating relationship later on.

Observe, Observe & Observe

Pay attention to everything, every instruction from the boss, the style, the preference of communication. It is okay to ask a little question, and the boss would not judge early on.

Behavior cues play a most critical role in understanding personality. Based on the observed management cues and perceived personality, you can have a higher edge to ask for personal favors.

Do not suck at the job.

It is essential that the job is well done. After all, that is the primary parameter to measure competence and quality. Nothing matters if performance is well beyond expectations.

Along the line of employment boss and the staff, the relationship is ever evolving and experience a wide variety of emotions. If executed properly early on, it can lead to success in the career.

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