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Behaving Like Genius Dose not make You One.

Behaving Like Genius Dose not make You One.

"Put yourself in a space that shifts thinking." -Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind

Every single time I read any biography of a great person, most commonly scientists, I impersonate them. I usually acquire their quirky habits.

I usually thought that following genius can give me some nudge over smartness.

I tried to start my day at 3 am. Started taking a shower at 4 am. And enthusiastically completed my tasks for the first couple of days.

I was quick to realize that I am not that early morning person. I couldn't wake up by 6 am after two days. And I sucked at whatever I do, just because of sleep deprivation.

I acquired way too many gimmicks.

I Kept my feet in the water while working on a computer,

Had too much of coffee,

Had too much tea.

I refrained myself of having sex or masturbation during the critical period of my project.

Because I read that Sir Isaac Newton never had an orgasm. NFL players impose celibacy before game night.

Well, thinking retrospect in my case, It did not help me. It definitely gave "good male" feeling and sense of self-control. In fact, it made me frustrated and preoccupied with the thoughts of self-abstinence.

I acquired way too many weird habits, by reading much of biographies. After all, Ben Franklin liked to stay naked in freezing cold to be creative. Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama are left handed. Van Gogh and Picasso created priceless arts while they were drunk. And the list goes on and on...

And what about that habit of a regular shower? I washed my self every time I start a new project, or I do something new.

That was not a superstition at all. I read that Yashiro Nakamatsu, a Japanese inventor, got his best ideas while submerged in water. Well, science from reputed neurology institutions supported that idea.

Unfortunately, I preoccupied myself with the idea of bathing before anything new. Tell you the truth, I started exhibiting the obsessive-compulsion type of behavior. Lost total sense of my passion and started having the preoccupation of bathing. It was a total disaster.


Well, Be Yourself.

It is a good idea to acquire healthy and creative habits rather than derogatory and demeaning habits.

I would rather wake up early than taking upon smoking or drinking or killing my precious time debating what should I have sex or no.

Nothing matters when you are having a dose of passion. No habits matters when you are doing what you like to do that makes you happy.

Those personal ways are to shift the space and spark ideas.

So, following footsteps of geniuses does not make you genius. Waking your own acumen is essential.

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