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Things Are Difficult, Before Easy It is!

Things Are Difficult, Before Easy It is!

So It was a musical show with flow less performance with the soundtrack hijacked emotional roller-coaster from funny to sad and every emotion in between.

I was so immersed in the show and, somehow, I started pondering about their skills.

They are performing really well, They must have excellent skills. They must be born artist!

My mental spotlight started bumping between the show an immense curiosity.

How well they were performing! How? Must be natural! How efficiently they are performing!

I always have known someone who performs the best, that person doesn't even have to try and get things done.

A friend who aces exams without studying. That Instagram model with a perfect body. That guy on Linked In with the best job ever. Look at Jerry Seinfeld, he speaks, people, and he makes money.

The list goes on and on.

Look at any talk shows, anyone can get on a stage, in front of a camera and start making jokes and funny conversations.

I always have done with friends in the comfort of my home or in a restaurant.

It must be easy as a pie. But it turns out to be not true.

Comedians don’t merely go play sold-out stadiums with a list of jokes in hand. They go to dozens of smaller comedy clubs to work on their material. They change their inflection or a word to test the responses of different audiences until they’ve perfected the end product.

According to Jerry Seinfeld's interview with The New York Times, He had been working on "pop tart" joke for about two years. That is insane, isn't it?

He even described the job to write a joke is "really daunting."

I was missing out to see kind of hard work and the process to build a smooth and relaxed show. I was missing out to observe the passion in a friend who aced all exams.

Think about it, How many corrections, perfections, and editing take to get that best Instagram picture. And, How many dishes that guy had to do before he landed that "Dream" job of his life.

So, When the task or the job seems effortless and looks like they were born with that skill is because of the enormous amount of hard work and preparation involved before you see the end result.

There is always an element of natural ability, but preparation, recital and passion triumphs all.

It is all about talent and skills. The talent can be expressed unconsciously but to be skilled, we have to pay a price of hard work and rehearsal.

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