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Disconnect and Shut Up!

Disconnect and Shut Up!

Oh my God! The sky has fallen. Forgot my cell phone. How many things am I going to miss? Lots of decision making will be impaired just because I would not have my personal device at hand. That is not good.

In the first few seconds of realizing that I forgot my Galaxy Note, I depend on for everything, I started having a strong but weird sense to turn back and get my phone back.

Hell no, I can't live without it. There gonna be four days without a cell phone. Let's get out of the airport, Drive home and Get my phone.

It was already late, and I was past security checkpoint, traveling to New York City. The strong urge was forcing me to miss the plane.

My plane started boarding, and now I am walking in confused, lost and mildly panicked, making mantle list of things I would screw up or miss all along in next 96 hours. It was a sense of psychological paralysis because of loss of a fundamental element of the internet, and access to information at my hand. Day 1 without electronic device was like paralysis but its okay, let's deal with it. Went old school collecting street maps. Predetermining all trips, their routes, and transit. In fact, it was a very refreshing day and lots accomplished. The purpose of the trip felt success just in one day. Made better decision making in the absence of the whole world of information at hand. I had enough time to evaluate my decision making and my goals with this new pursuit. And ask me how much enjoyed working out, writing and prolong wondering along the times square? I learned a good lesson. Disconnect and Shut Up. Electronic devices add unnecessary noise to routine and obstruct our subconscious strategies of decision making. Learned that less information helps in superior decision making. All along, preferred screen time and avoiding my personal time with my own brain. I was making my psychological health in a fragile situation. I was less productive and more distracted.

So, there are legitimate reasons to disconnect from digital devices.

Disconnect for health.

Digital distractions affect health in general. Emails and messages have no sense of time. They pop up any time. It disrupts sleep. It disrupts emotional health.

It is pretty much distraction.

Disconnect to re-vitalize and to be Productive.

Recharge self with focusing on the nature walk, working out and emotions. Refrain from bytes for at least few hours to harness for emotional intelligence, and creativity.

Re-Ignite intuition and subconscious decision making.

Take time and listen to inner voice. This helps when analysis or decision making starts getting complicated.

Powerful intuition and subconscious decision making lead the way to a successful outcome.

So, good idea to hide from the rest of the world for at least ten minutes a day.

Find a better hiding place in a quiet room, or gym or a trail or whatever.

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