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A Roller Coaster Ride of Thoughts in A Line to Buy a Lottery!

A Roller Coaster Ride in A Line to Buy a Lottery!

All started with a piece of news on the radio saying " whopping 1.6 Billion Dollars Power Ball!" and we decided to drive to Buffalo, the closest city in the USA from Toronto, to buy a Power Ball Lottery.

Since it was a couple of hours of driving, so we decided a stopover at Niagara Falls. Anyways who had interest in buying a lottery, it was just a reason for a fun trip.

Now, here I was at the convenience store in a line to buy a lottery without any preset numbers or any game plan.

Surprisingly, it was a line to buy, and maybe 15 people ahead of me. The line was moving slowly, and my thought started getting wild.

What will I do with that kind of money?

Oh Yes, I will pay off all of my debt.


Buy a boat,


Buy an Island! And live there. ......Probably off the cost of Bahamas, ......Oh well, too many tornadoes.


Maybe a mansion in California.


Invest in Facebook Stocks. ......Hey, let's be a board of Director at Facebook. Ya, I like Mark and Cheryl ....and who knows many others. .......What if Facebook Crashes? .......That company is under too many investigations. .......I may lose all money.

Well, why I can't stay in Toronto? .......There are islands here too, .......I can own a private Jet and a boat, .......Fly around the world.

That sounds decent idea, let's go with it.

And I snapped back out of wild thoughts, looked around


still few ahead of me.


I found myself stupid and unrealistic daydreamer.

Do I have my numbers to pick?


How much a Power ball ticket cost? Man, people are buying at least 100 dollars worth of tickets! And look at me, I am aiming for Ten Dollars maximum. Is it worth it?

Anyways odds of winnings are none. I do not even have a game plan. My chances of dying right now or getting struck by a lightning bolt are more than winning this. Should I buy it?

I can do a better thing with this ten dollars than buying a lottery. There are great penny stocks. They bring way more chances of growing money than this stupid lottery.

Yes, let's get out of the line. Go Home Do Some research By a penny stock, I wouldn't mind even thousand bucks worth. That is called money well used Not This stupid lottery and this long line.

Again, I came out of my thoughts in the real world, Looked around and realized that I am next in line.

Oh well, they say, How are you gonna win if you don't buy it? And I am next.

But remember, don't buy more than five dollars worth. You can resist "that look" from the cashier.

                       Well, It was a roller coaster ride for my thoughts.                           I ended up spending 20 dollars on the lottery.                                                     No Regret. Reading time  1 min 59 sec

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