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Rejected/Failed? Than You are Lucky!

Rejected? Than You are Lucky!

Have you ever wake up on email notifying of not accepted in the school or outright rejection telling there are better candidates? Or Receiving any text suggesting a breakup?


Rejected at work? Anyone with the goal and aiming for success in any scope of life has a similar experience at least once and possibly multiple times or even every step of their life. If you do not do anything out of fear of rejection, that is a real failure.

There were times, I was spending over 5000 USD on applications and getting rejected by all.

Just for fun, I kept all those emails rejecting my applications.

It amazed me that how are they using language to inform a candidate, both careful and careless choices of words. I try to look for subtle cues to improve my application for the following year.

Let's face it, rejections are inevitable.

It is important to learn how to deal with it.

Emotions of the Immediate aftermath.

It is mostly anger and disparages. We all have a right to get upset.

Be careful in expressing that anger in public and behaving like a stupid. It immediately exposes your incapacity to handle criticism, rejection or failure. It is possible that you are burning future bridges and preventing the dots which may connect in the future towards growth and progress. Keep your failure away from who you are.

Lean to Absorb, Take Time to Digest, Grieve.

Job loss, Love loss, Life loss.....things happen, we have to deal with it. Learn to accept.

Resilience comes from deep within us. We have to learn to look and feel what is good left in life and what bad could happen rather than how bad had happened.

Process grief, give it time and accept it. It is a good idea to talk about loss, that helps in grieving. Decide, when and where we want to express. Opening up about traumatic events can improve mental and physical health.

Big NO to Permanence.

Stop digging deeper and blaming on self. It is a familiar feeling to throw under the bus and saying things like " It is all my fault."

Be kind to self in the presence of self-anguish. Start looking forward and taking positive steps rather than getting stuck into self-blame and emotional doom.

Develop Self-Confidence and Move on.

Do not wait for anyone's approval. Learn from past mistakes. Apply different perspective to life and success.

And most important is,

Shit Happens Move On.

The Great Success Stories are, in fact, the Great Failure Stories and Survival.

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