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Understand People Perception, & Morality for Success, Before You Regret.

Understand People Perception, & Morality for Success, Before You Regret.

So, back in days, I was looking for a job. I had no ambitions for that job hunt. It was for survival so that I can pay for my exam fees. I started with coffee shops in downtown Toronto. First few times, when the manager interviewed me, I disclose my intention of quitting as soon as I have enough money for the exam. That job search was a disaster. I stopped telling my plans but continued truthful about my work history. That was my first ever job in Canada. My employment history section in resume stayed empty. I started getting few replies from those stores only to explain my rejection that they had chosen an experienced candidate for the job. I quickly change my tactics. I started filling out one month of experience in another coffee shop with a fake reference, thinking how hard it would be to learn? With my confidence in quick learning, I thought to learn by heart everything in orientation. It did not go well, and I was let go in one week, although I did not make any mistakes I was not up to the pace of their service. In that process, I learned to fake until I get it and next few jobs were easy to find for me until I collected enough money for an exam and to survive a couple of months without earning. Now think that, if I had character issues, lousy reference or if I had any trouble with the law, I would have a hard time to get any job. This is the similar scenario at any level in any professional and respected job places. I was booted out of the first job for not performing to the pace. Any misdemeanor would blunt my capacity for success and growth. Any allegation from coworker or client or wrong-doing is sufficient enough to suspend anyone either temporarily or permanently. So, How the hell in the world of Free Knowledge and Information the Dishonest Leaders succeed? It sure gives an emotional response with anger and disgust, but there is a lot to learn out of their behavior and propaganda infested modus operandi. Remember, Better constitution originates from Bad behavior and Radical changes happen at the tailwind of the worst moments. Uninspiring, blame-shifting, and repellent leadership teach us how to rise above the rare anomalies. It presents an excellent opportunity to learn the lessons on the issues which arises over decades, especially in the western world. Often time it creates the discomfort of the reversal of out of the box ideas. Where the world is accustomed of moving forward, these leadership creates uneasiness of nullification. I want to share what I take home from observing current ( 2017 onward...) American leadership. Authenticity Authenticity is crucial for effective leadership. The leader must take responsibility for his own statements and behavior. The flock must trust the leader, to bring change effectively. Flip-flopping over and over again without thoughtful agreement or disagreement create depreciation in the effectiveness of the change. Radical truth and transparency about strength, weaknesses, and mistake create a better understanding that leads to improvements and practical changes. Explore the truth Consider exploring the difference between the impulse and the instinct. Those impulses are mutilating almost every time. When you are in the leadership position, consider all instincts as an impulse unless you are expert on the subject. The impulsive act can affect adversely to self, too many other people and situations. One must have the courage to take responsibilities rather than cowardly blame shifts. You must realize that there is nothing wrong with exploring the truth. There is no worse course in leadership than to hold out false hopes soon to be swept away.

- W. Churchill Learn to get over anxieties of knowing the truth over keeping eyes closed over reality. Dishonesty is Dangerous. I am not implying that no one should lie, but look at the situation, and the pattern of dishonesty. Do not look at black and white but try to be realistic and sensible. Make no mistake to distinguish between habitual liar or fundamentally honest and being imperfect in the vicinity the situation. The opinion matters the most when you know that person and authenticity. You would not want to be a boy who cried wolf in the presence of continuous dishonesty when absolute truth presents self. All in all, integrity is an important thing when it comes to lead a household, a company or a country. It is always tantalizing to cut corners for quicker and favorable results, someone including you have to pay the price for that. There can be multiple truth to any situation, it is essential to control dishonest behavior for sustained success. 3 min 8 sec Reading time 6 min 6 sec Speaking time P.S. If you like this article, please share.

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