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Four Ways to Quit Gracefully, and Still Stay Connected.

Four Ways to Quit Gracefully, and Still Stay Connected.

More than 2 million Americans quit their job voluntarily.

Average American jumps a position at least 12 times in his career.

That means an ordinary person resigns a post twelve times.

I quite many jobs and got fired since graduating from university.

Apart from getting fired from work, I left my job for different reasons and different ways.

It took me a long way to quit Job elegantly.

I informed of my resignation via text message,

After hours email, after getting a vacation approval!


Even while on vacation.

These gutless tactics help only to avoid face to face talk but then harbors a potential to destroy your career.

There can be many reasons for quitting a job,


try to leave the job gracefully and not cowardly.

A few years back, I was having endless disputes with senior staff.

I staunchly defended my stand irrespective of the situation

whether I was right or wrong.

This stubborn stance created a sense of anger,

and I wanted to escape that workplace.

I was eagerly looking for another job and found one.

On confirmation of another post, the first thing I did was to ask for a vacation at the current workplace, and on a day before my vacation start,

I emailed to resign in one sentence saying "I will resign from the day," and the effective date was my last day of vacation.

I did not end it there; I emailed in after hours.

In the entire process of resigning in anger,

I did catastrophic damage to my reputation with the workplace and put a dead end to my future relationship with that workplace.

I did not give enough time to recruit a new employee.

I did not offer to train anyone.

I did not offer any buffer time for them to come up with a solution in my absence.

My coworkers have to pick up my leftover work, so they were infuriated at me.

I satisfied my anger, by observing and listening to the frustration from that workplace,

but I managed to create many acquaintances who will never say good about me and forget if I need their reference.

It was a firestorm of future damage to some extent behind the curtain of short-term satisfaction of my anger and ego.

My suggestion,

Do Not Attempt This!

What I was missing at that time was,

I put lots of work hours and gained experience.

I should have been grateful for that experience.

I did not realize that I would need any member of the team along the way to pursue the same career.

I came across a few people from that workplace. I specifically remember one person who, I needed a recommendation and did not go well.

So How to plan to quit with Grace?

The Set-Up and Hierarchy

When you are looking for another job, keep it low key. Not everyone should need to know. The boss must not know until the quitting date is confirmed or another position finalizes. Make sure yourself that you are confident to quit before disclosing to anyone.

Once you did your homework to leave, and confident enough then start working on to next level of revealing and setting up "I quit" meeting with the boss. The boss must know directly from you and not from boss' pet employee so make sure you start informing in the hierarchical order.

The “I Quit” Meeting and transition planning.

The content of this meeting decides if you can use this boss for a future reference.

Start informing your intentions and why you needed to quit. Every workplace has annoying activity but emphasizes on your growth rather than drawbacks at the current workplace. Set some excellent suggestions about how any process could have a superior outcome.

Once the meeting is over, you can start disclosing to everyone if you like.

Expect any reactions, but Say Thank You.

There can be varied reactions from negative to the very best one. Please convey thank you for your experience with them and whatever they help you to learn.

Everybody can not express the way you want, so some feelings are harmful, and some are positive, you can not carry any of those with negativity and grudge.

You are in the same career as they are; there are plenty of chances of crossing avenues in the future.

The Last Words, but Stay in touch.

Do not say NO!

I never said yes, to that last cake. I find it awkward and weakness to express emotions at a workplace, but I learned that the cake represents goodwill of all goodness you experienced and forgot all bitter feelings.

Continue contacting once in a while those who are willing to stay in touch.I have to tell you the truth about myself. I have never followed all of the above suggestions. At times I may be insulting on the last day of my workplace. I subtly regret my behavior. Well moving forward, learning is the key.

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