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It Takes more than Brilliance, To Get Rich

It Takes more than Brilliance, To Get Rich

Everyone wants to see the world the way they crave to feel comfortable, the way they fit in. The label "smart" starts with a person's ability to complete respectfully higher education and getting a respectable job at decent pay. They are continuously thriving for a comfort zone in their life. Smart people are making a fair amount of money, hold the respectful, professional position and enjoying various aspects of life. If you look around, you may realize that not all smart are rich. In fact, they have saved the fewer amount of money than others at their age. Higher intelligence correlates to better financial behavior, such as not running up credit card balances.

For example, an average university graduate starts working between age 25 to 30. A high school graduate working on the construction or a job needing vocational training or certified jobs may begin working from age 17. A university graduate jumps in a market with a load of debt whereas the high school graduate starts working with no monetary obligation what so ever. The only difference here is, that smart guy may never end up on the street due to severe financial performance.

So what it takes, a smart guy to get rich?

Paradigm Shift

That "Aha" moment is critical and can be mighty. This situation appears when you finally see the composite picture of yourself in entirely different aspect. If the person, is more bound initially, the entire shift of tradition and the new normal is powerful. It is not necessary that all paradigm shifts are positive. The chance of success based on the change in personality and views those true nourish success.

The outcome of this transition is either positive or negative, the views and perception of the world.

Lifestyle Choice

A graduate of STEM field is usually a lazy person. Four years of university graduation and hard work leads to develop a fundamental ego and acquires a thought of resistance to do any job at hand. " I can not do this job," and "I am not trained to do this," are the attitude leads a smart person to stagnate in financial growth.

A smart person is typically a family oriented and looking to settle with the family. The entire focus shifts from professional development to financial stability. The risk-taking behaviors subside for safety and security to support a family. I am not against a stable family, but the preferences change and innovative and risk-taking behavior stay put for few years.

Logical Reasoning and plans

Smart persons like to act by plans. They decide plans on too many logical thinking and rationalization. It is always a good idea to have a plan until it stops or procrastinates the actions. Overthinking and overanalysis work against success. The entire preparations and hard work go useless. Once the boat left the dock, the wisdom becomes futile.

The probability of breaking the rules is very low with an intelligent person. They follow the textbook, trust the system and quick to predict. They have extreme confidence in their analysis that they get stuck in their box of the outcome they predicted.

Pure Luck

Luck plays a role to an extent in acquiring wealth, and good luck doesn't see the smart-ass of a person. Anywhere from winning a lottery to inheriting a considerable sum, starting up a small company to increment in a job, luck adds an essence over hard work. Success often comes from chance and luck but successful attribute it to talent and hard work. If you happen to have success, consider you have luck.

Once Barack Obama said that "You didn't build that." Your wealth is an alignment of your talent, hard work, pure luck and those many unlucky ones who also strive for the same success you have. So as successful and wealthy people, you owe, to a certain extent, to all those unfortunate ones.

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