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The Cross Road of Ambitions and Happiness

The Cross Road of Ambitions and Happiness

Ambitions ruin happiness, is a general perception and debated heavily on the much different ground, for example, spiritual, humanity. Ambitions can create geographical instability. I started asking for views on social media as well as anyone I meet in person. A desire of one person can generate fear and anxiety among the people around, and that person becomes the most hated in the group he belongs to. Pursuing happiness follows self-contained and fulfillment of own life. This trait makes a person less despised and more likable. The burning question here can both coexist? Ambitious People. This group of people are mostly urban dwellers and living in the midst of technology. They are chasers and have elements of careless and are inconsiderate for others over their goals. Once they engage in any persuade, they start chasing the following level in growth. Continuous jobs swapping, ensuing bonus, and higher goal setting and new challenges are stimulating for a while. When continually seeking that next goal, and when they’re relatively short-term, the consequence of this kind of ambition can be hyper-competition and practice of gaining a feeling of superiority over another person. The latter can quickly become toxic in the workplace, and loses the true meaning of the following passion; it can feel sincerely empty. Ambition and endless chasing bring hyper-competition and feel of superiority over people around you. These bring narcissism that quickly affects those who work around you. This situation becomes a trap and prevents happiness everywhere you go.

Happy People. People with this trait have the very high level of caring and consideration to others. Some have a higher sense of satisfaction to feed collateral happiness. They are compassionate and more willing to reach out to others. In fact, cultivating kindness is one of many ways to fulfill happiness for them. Happy people perform to a greater degree and have a great sense of satisfaction from the current work situation. They exhibit better productivity to an employer. Both conditions lead to fewer jobs swapping and consistency in income generation. Happy people are self-contained and have a sizable sense of “ feel good." This situation leads to a comfort zone in the modern workplace seeking less personal growth and becomes increasingly unwilling to step in discomfort. The balance between ambition and happiness. People with balanced priorities between ambitions and happiness are emotionally superior and altruistic. They are aware of their lives' circumstances and make the best choices. They often switch their preferences between aspirations and happiness. They cultivate that trait and try to be better in every primary domain of life. They are likely to attract a mate who matches to their choice of balance between ambitions and happiness and expects to support each other to their best capacity. They enjoy stronger marriage and are enhanced parenting. While maintaining a better part of the joy, they do not forget to grab an opportunity for growth in their professional life. They succeed well because of finer resilience, superior mental support, and higher capacity to deal with adversity, trauma, and failures. The goodness and positive change derived out of balance between ambition, and happiness is contagious. These people support their Colleagues, spouse, kids, and friend to their capacity in a sad situation and for success. Most important question is. How to balance? Altruism Giving is a fundamental trait to acquire. An act of altruism provide innate happiness, and at the same time, it bends the path in the direction of for the aim and ambition. It exposes superior attitude towards the human being. Giving is not about charities and donating but respecting others interest and helping them achieve.

Be a Jack of all instead of a king of one. Basically, it means to diversify personality and goal. Try to attain more than one way to accomplish a goal rather than fixating in one direction. Instead of focusing on one goal, try to pursue a bundle of goals. Enjoy the journey rather than investing all for the destination. What is in the goal when the journey is so exquisite? If you don't achieve the goal, you're unhappy. If you do accomplish the goal, you're happy but only for a moment because there is inevitably someone else you can compare yourself to who delivered a more audacious goal. Instead, start loving the process without focusing much on the goals. The happiness will pursue and eventually a success, which fits your profile. Pick companion wisely. It is essential to prevent getting caught into the prestige game. If everyone around is racing for a sense of status than it becomes irresistible. The companion should be realistic and should prevent from getting caught in that game. Compare with previous self. You should compare yourself with you from the rearmost month, last year so on and on. Beat your previous best and improvise your previous worst. You should not compare others in any situation. Start small, think big. Start with small goal setting, which can be accomplished rather than a colossal goal which itself is impossible to fulfill. Create a process of multiple small goal settings, which eventually can lead to a more significant accomplishment. The happiness obtained from little accomplishments and achievement of the larger target itself balances out ambition and pleasure. Enjoy happiness and success in one basket.

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