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Don't Get Stuck in The Box

Don't Get Stuck in The Box

Have you ever thought of joy riding a bike, very first time? It is a straightforward but immense sense of pleasure of learning and knowing something new.

Getting out of the box is like a deliberate attempt to get to the next level in the life and joy of knowing the next level of experience with better understanding.

The sentence “Think outside the box” has enormous deep meaning.

I was implying to new ideas, but I think it has more implications, especially to those who break out the box and experience infinity.

I come across at least one person every day that stuck in the box of limitation.

An enormous amount of prejudice,

Judgmental and

They limit their path by the preoccupation of thoughts that is the end, and there is no other way things can be done.

These limitations are acquired all along their life,

through either their experience,

protocol or policies in place or

failure to execute in a way; they want, possibly on repeated attempts.

There are two types of people, including myself,

1) those who put self in a box


2) those who place others in boxes.

Although, the behavior of separating people into groups


labeling them is an ego syntonic behavior and de-facto built in human conscience.

Those who put self in a box.

This is a large group of people who put themselves in certain restrictions at some point in their lives. Most of them leave them there for the rest of the entity. This situation takes place, generally after burnout event or loss-either financial, time or circumstances.

The mindset about growth, or self-confidence is ordinarily the factor what pull few of them out of limitation. They have created boundaries of particular tasks and routine, which cannot be utilized for creative and constructive but superior purposes. If this kind of person is in the position of leadership or boss, it leads to suicide mission of innovation. Personal growth and the progress of the entire team suffocate.

Those who put others in boxes

Someone would have been judgmental in their lives, at least once!

That is how humans work.

People judge based on their lives experience and more often based on mere solitary observation.

The classification of a person, and being critical may be harmful and can be a negative consequence.

With the frame of judgment, positive growth and main intentions are stunted from reaching its potential.

It is our nature as a human being.

The idea of being judgmental comes to feel superior and powerful than others. It makes a feeling of security in a shorter term.

It encourages gossip, and gossip encourages more judgmental situation. It is a vicious cycle of unhappiness and insecurities. I cannot exclude myself out of it. People find defects in others out of jealousy, pride, or expectations and then sometimes determine a person’s value based on the thing they like least about them without even knowing who they are.

When I realized about myself of being too judgmental and expert in classifying and labeling boxes, I started investigating my own behavior and how did I acquire at first? Most of my behavior obtained from the environment I grew up in, and cultural disbeliefs. However, most importantly, I started working towards the direction to free myself of the box and not putting others in boxes.

Here are few recommendations, I practice myself,

Watch Out, Everything

Watching own behavior, words, and effect by active listening and asking questions rather than coming to quick conclusions. Most importantly, I refrained from myself from gossiping.


By creating empathy and value-based dynamics; I continually evaluate the necessity of judgment either absolute, relative or idiosyncratic. This led me to differentiate between being judgmental and making views for my own reference for the future.

Don't Compromise

I changed my preference in a knowledge-based opinion in a closed relationship over shallow snapshots and stereotyped frames.

Don't change judgment based on noise from others.

Try considering a distinct point of view and put yourself in someone’s shoes. This situation gives the whole lot unlike and a stark improvement in aspects.

Expect anything

Stay open to anything, any unexpected situation.

Don't judge prematurely.

Evaluate every option even though you have to do over and over again.

"If you don’t get out of the box you were raised in,

you won’t understand,

how much bigger the world is.” 

— Angelina Jolie

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