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Annoyance of Sharing Cost in Crowd.

Annoyance of Sharing Cost in Crowd.

Around the world, many countries celebrate Thanksgiving sometimes around after harvests in October to November. It is particular thanks and prayers to all those helped the entire year long and success. There are special thanks for posting and those are helping and encouraging to make this web page possible. It is a celebration time. Everyone is inviting their significant to dinner. This year, our group has decided to gather at the restaurant. When a sizable group is going to a restaurant with wide choices of food, splitting check becomes very difficult.

Very recently, a group of people invited me over a dinner to a restaurant with pre-intend to split restaurant bill after. All my excuses to deny that invitation failed. There were a kind of passive aggression and hint of order to join them over that particular dinner. This is a very diverse group when it comes to food choices and cultural values. There are people who eat vegetarian and don't consume alcohol. In this particular instance, one person paid for entire bill, and I received the invoice of my part in email on the very next day. I do not remember or did not care to look at the tab on food and drink I ordered. Who would focus on those things where I was trying to enjoy and chatting with a group.

I am a loner. A group of more than three people is a crowd for me. I cannot withstand or continue to be with a crowd in any occasions. When it comes to unavoidable social gathering, staying occupied with the help or keeping myself engaged with phone is the best escape plan. I usually go to dinner with the only couple of people in my vicinity with like mindedness or immediate family. Almost all the time, I never divide and share restaurant check instead of splitting bills; we take charge of sequential unilaterally, and we take turns. In this pattern, we take turns to pay entire bill, whatever it is! The business of paying off the bills is pretty clear so no dispute and at least one less hurdle in the moment of happiness and fun. Furthermore, the paradigm of taking turns ignites bond and future meeting. This serves the purpose to focus on important things rather than thinking of splitting check the entire time.

This pattern of sequential sharing cost, harbors the risk of a departing friend without paying ever. I personally bear the remorse of a friend who never paid and depart just before his turn. That tests the quality of a person, and I would rather not have that person around me. I may not be able to deal with the feelings of having a bad deal intermittently in sharing food cost. There are no residual feelings of financially betrayal or getting into ripping of deals, even if I paid for the entire meals. That feeling is the real deal breaker, and it is easy to lose a friend. There are benefits of sharing food cost and restaurant check. It is a good idea to share a cost, if I am meeting very preliminary time and decided not to see that person again. If there is residual feeling of financially betrayal or getting into ripping of deals in the initial meeting; that feeling is the real deal breaker, and it is easy to lose a person.

The entire fundamental of sharing meal cost is kind of uncomfortable for me. That is one of many reasons, I hesitate to join any crowd. On the contrary, I feel extremely comfortable with a hunch of belonging to someone. I join to few of those to have food and feel very convenient to bear for entire cost and may be repeatedly. Festivities and occasions where a crowd enjoys but when it comes to splitting cost, that is where sour and bitter taste poured in happiness and can eviscerate relationship of any kind. My question is then, why would you have only one or few significant and enjoy with them in the affordable range, where feeling of sharing drives happiness and not the happiness impeded by feeling of short changed?

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