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Epilepsy and Long-term 


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  • Epilepsy Monitoring Unit or EMU is a process of further evaluating epilepsy for various purposes including proper diagnosis and management to surgery. 

  • The patient lives with EEG probes and video recording for an extended period in the units.

  • We monitor those patients REMOTELY in a real-time manner

  • We quickly ping to the floor nursing station using a reliable cellular network in any clinical and electrographic event.

  • Long-term monitoring of Neuro-ICU and critical epilepsy patients.

WHY choose us?

  • 24/7, 365 days, reliable and uninterrupted tracking. 

  • The hospital can utilize resources, i.e., monitoring room for in-patients and the technologist for practical purposes like inpatients and outpatient services.

  • The hospital can reduce overhead employee and monitoring equipment cost.

  • PHIPA and HIPPA compliant cloud-computing and remote communications within the scope of local regulations 

About Us
  •  EEG & EMG/NCS, Real-time Remote Monitoring Solution for hospital Practices and Research.

  • HLA-7 equipped and compatible with any EMR

  • Storage, Access through PHIPA and HIPPA compliant 

  • Review and Interpretation Service through Professional and Technical Staff

Routine and Sleep EEGs

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Professional electroencephalogram. Selective focus of a computer monitor showing electrica

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  • Around 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, making it one of the most common neurological diseases globally.

  • It is estimated that up to 70% of people living with epilepsy could live seizure-free if properly diagnosed and treated.

  • The risk of premature death in people with epilepsy is up to three times higher than for the general population.1

  • Ninty-Five Thousand people are living with epilepsy in Ontario.2
    Bringing the Diagnostic procedures to underserved population decreases the burden of Healthcare, and at the same time, it increases the community well being.

  • The urban diagnostic centers are already exhausted with long wait times. Traveling with types of equipment to rural primary care centers and transporting data to an interpreting physician in the urban centers make much sense.

  • At present, we provide EEG and EMG services while working with epileptologists in the Greater GTA area for interpretation


What we started doing is


  • Instead of mobilizing the patient,
    Performing sizable no.of EEGs and accelerating diagnostic tests.
    created the portability and connectivity of the EEG terminals.

        EEG                            NCS/EMG